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Quality nutrition can make all the difference in your child’s health and wellness. The team of pediatric experts at Kids & Teens Medical Group offers nutritional support for children of all ages from their offices in the Greater Los Angeles area: Pasadena, West Hills, Agoura Hills, San Fernando, Northridge, Arcadia, La Cañada Flintridge, Beverly Hills, Van Nuys, Encino, and Whittier, California. For a nutrition evaluation and ongoing support, call or request an appointment online at one of their convenient locations.

Nutrition Q & A

How can nutrition impact my child's health?

Providing adequate nutritional support is essential for growing healthy children, teens, and young adults. Quality nutrition provides food and nutrients that support your child's physical, cognitive, emotional, and mental development. 

Inadequate nutritional support during childhood can raise your child's risk for significant health complications, such as obesity and diabetes. Without balanced nutrition, they may struggle with learning and be at higher risk for injuries and illness. 

Proper nutrition is essential at every stage of development, from newborn to young adult. The Kids & Teens Medical Group team offers integrated nutritional services that support healthy growth throughout childhood. 

How does a pediatrician support my child's nutrition? 

The Kids & Teens Medical Group believes that nutritional support is necessary for growing healthy children. Your child's dietary needs change as they age, and your pediatric provider can help navigate those changes. 

They educate and support you and your child as you:

  • Use formula or breastfeed

  • Introduce new foods

  • Identify allergies or intolerances 

  • Choose healthy snacks and meals

  • Learn how to make independent food choices

  • Achieve and maintain a healthy childhood weight 

  • Manage picky eating or limited food options

  • Assess for signs of eating disorders

  • Navigate any digestive disorders or conditions

The Kids & Teens Medical Group team supports your child's nutritional status in every stage of their development and throughout their childhood. 

How does nutrition support change with age?

Your provider tailors your child's nutritional evaluation to their age and suggests age-appropriate interventions when needed. 


Your provider supports breastfeeding whenever possible during the first year of life and offers valuable guidance when that isn't the best option for you. They also suggest when and how to introduce solid foods. 

Toddlers and preschoolers

Your provider offers recommendations for how to work nutrient-dense foods into your young child's diet. Little children are often too active or busy to eat well or are disinterested in trying new foods. 

School-age children 

As your child becomes more independent with eating and making food choices, it is essential to provide healthy options and affirm when they make wise decisions regarding their diet. 


Older children may struggle with body image issues and may need direction on thinking of their weight in a healthy way. Maturing girls often require more iron as they begin menstruating, and boys may need more protein as they build muscle during puberty. 

As your child’s nutrition needs change, it is important to have a provider who is sensitive to those needs and ensures they have the building blocks for a healthy, vibrant life. 

To ensure proper nutrition throughout childhood, call or request an appointment online with Kids & Teens Medical Group today.

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