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Newborn Care

Newborn Care

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Newborn Care in Los Angeles

Newborn babies bring a lot of joy but require a lot of care and attention. To support you and your baby’s health, the team of board-certified pediatricians at Kids & Teens Medical Group offers comprehensive newborn care from their offices in Pasadena, West Hills, Agoura Hills, San Fernando, Northridge, Arcadia, La Cañada Flintridge, Beverly Hills, Van Nuys, Encino, and Whittier, California. The team schedules early and regular visits to monitor your baby’s growth and development. To request a newborn care visit, call one of the Greater Los Angeles area offices or use the online scheduling tool. Free meet and greet consultations are available.

Newborn Care Q & A

What is newborn care?

Newborn care at Kids & Teens Medical Group refers to the ongoing medical care your new baby needs after you bring them home from the hospital. Having a baby is an exciting time for parents but can also be stressful and scary.

The team at Kids & Teens Medical Group provides the guidance and tools you need to help you manage your new baby’s needs. Newborn care also monitors your baby’s growth and development to make sure they’re growing as expected and meeting their developmental milestones. 

When should I start newborn care?

The Kids & Teens Medical Group team recommends you bring your baby in for their first newborn care visit three to five days after birth. 

However, the primary pediatric practice encourages expectant mothers to visit the practice before giving birth to meet the team. Kids & Teens Medical Group thinks it’s important that you find a pediatrician you connect with and offers a free meet and greet consultation for expectant mothers. 

Kids & Teens Medical Group has an affiliation with many local hospitals, including:

  • Northridge Hospital

  • Providence Tarzana Medical Center

  • Valley Presbyterian Hospital

  • Huntington Memorial Hospital

  • Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles

  • Providence Holy Cross Medical Center

  • West Hills Hospital

If you deliver at any of the Kids & Teens Medical Group affiliated hospitals, you can expect a visit from the team during your hospital stay. 

What can I expect during newborn care?

You can expect compassionate and comprehensive newborn care from the team at Kids & Teens Medical Group. During newborn care appointments, your pediatrician asks about you and your baby, including feeding schedule, wet and dirty diapers, and sleeping habits.

They also measure your baby’s weight, length, and head circumference, perform a physical exam, and ask how you’re doing. Your pediatrician also administers vaccinations to keep your newborn healthy.

Your pediatrician also spends time talking to you about your baby and what to expect over the next few weeks or months. 

How often does my baby need newborn care?

The frequency of your baby’s newborn care visits depends on their age and personal health needs. In general, newborn care visits occur at:

  • Three to five days old

  • One month

  • Two months

  • Four months

  • Six months

  • Nine months

  • 12 months

Kids & Teens Medical Group also provides sick care. If you have concerns about your newborn baby’s health or well-being, the team can schedule an appointment the same day. They even offer after-hours care and extended hours through their telehealth service and in-office at their Northridge and Pasadena locations. 

Kids & Teens Medical Group makes it easy for your newborn to get the compassionate health care they need for a healthy start in life. Call the office nearest you or request an appointment online today. 

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