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Autism in Los Angeles

If your child has developmental delays or struggles to make meaningful connections, you may need a trusted provider to evaluate them for autism. The pediatric team at Kids & Teens Medical Group evaluates and supports children with autism and their families. To schedule an evaluation, call or request an appointment online at one of their office locations in the Greater Los Angeles area: Pasadena, West Hills, Agoura Hills, San Fernando, Northridge, Arcadia, La Cañada Flintridge, Beverly Hills, Van Nuys, Encino, and Whittier, California.

Autism Q & A

What is autism?

Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a developmental and cognitive disorder that affects a child's ability to interact with others and process the world around them. Children and adults with autism typically struggle in social situations and have difficulty making meaningful connections with others.

Autistic children may have difficulty learning new concepts and essential life skills. Depending on the severity of their autism, a child may have a hard time controlling or communicating their emotions, causing erratic, impulsive, or repetitive behaviors. 

In most cases, signs of autism are evident before a child turns three years old. Early evaluation, diagnosis, and intervention are vital to helping you and your child cope with ASD. 

What are the signs my child may have autism? 

Your pediatrician may recommend an autism assessment if you notice abnormal behavior patterns, difficulty with social interactions, or a struggle to process new information. 

They may have typical signs of autism, including:

  • Lack of or minimal eye contact

  • Tantrums or outbursts with changes in routine

  • Repetitive behaviors or movements 

  • Agitation or repulsion when touched 

  • Abnormal reaction to loud noises 

  • Lack of tolerance for high stimulation situations

  • Delayed or lack of language development 

Children with autism often respond best to consistent routines and minimal surprises or changes. They often react strongly and struggle to adapt when a situation is unpredictable, unexpected, or unplanned. 

How does a pediatrician diagnose autism? 

The Kids & Teens Medical Group team looks for signs of autism and other developmental disorders as part of each well-child visit. They perform focused autism screening at 18 and 24 months. 

They utilize a specially designed ASD assessment tool that evaluates your child's behavior, responses, eye contact, coordination, and more. In some cases, your provider may refer you to a pediatric psychiatrist or neurologist who can help confirm an autism diagnosis. 

What are the treatments for autism? 

Unfortunately, there is no cure for autism. Your child's treatment plan focuses on helping them cope with their limitations and helps equip you to support them in every way possible. 

A customized plan of care may include: 

  • Occupational therapy

  • Behavioral therapy 

  • Physical therapy 

  • Nutritional support 

  • Dietary restrictions or supplementation 

  • Family counseling and support

Your pediatrician also works closely with your child's school to help them get the services they need. The Kids & Teens Medical Group team commits to being with you and your child every step of the way. 

If you suspect your child may have autism, call or request an evaluation online with Kids & Teens Medical Group today.

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